Thursday, January 19, 2017

Are you Ready To Print?

Many people now have the capabilities with Photoshop and other design programs to create their own files for marketing and business purposes. We are always here to help with any questions you might have and can walk you through the set up of your files. The printing process isn’t perfect, so to make sure your pieces come out looking THE BEST here are a few guidelines to follow.

This is an area within the trim where any text, photos and other essential parts of your design should be kept.

The final size of your piece is referred to as the trim size. All critical art should be 1/8 inch inside the crop  area otherwise it will get cut off. This is where the crop marks show our bindery where to trim your pieces.

        BLEED AREA:  
 This is the area outside of the trim line that will get cut off, and while it ultimately gets removed it’s still important to the overall production of your product.

Whether you’re using a photo or a solid color, you’ll want to make sure that the background of your design extends through and fills the bleed area. This makes sure that your design reaches all the way to the end of the card when trimmed and will prevent any ugly white edges. When using photos you’ll want to make sure there is plenty of extra space around the focal point of the image, so the unimportant part of the photo can fill the bleed area and the important part is still in the safe area. We don’t want anyone’s head to get cut off.
PRO Tip: Sometimes bleed issues like to hide in the pink area, so make sure to review your Proof closely


1. Check your image size and print area. If you use a border, extend it at least 1/8 inch outside of the document edge and crop marks
2. Upload single page spreads or PDF's with bleed and crop marks. All of your programs will have that option.
3. If your design looks fuzzy on screen, or you see a low resolution warning on screen, you need to get a version with a higher resolution.
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Monday, January 2, 2017

Two Thousand Seventeen

The New Year is always such a motivated season where we write new goals for the year, plan out our new budgets and implement fitness goals. Throughout the course of days and weeks ahead it becomes a true test of your discipline and daily application. In business if you do not ruthlessly cut away the things that are unimportant you can easily lose your motivation for a productive new year. How do you take the goals you have and keep them on track?
Automate them.

7 years ago we began building digital storefronts for our clients to set up their digital files, enroll their employees in multiple locations and allow an automatic warehouse experience to deliver their marketing materials right to their door. Computer to computer. This freed up hours of the work day for other business goals and production. The best part? It also reduces your budget costs.

  • Do you have newly designed collateral to put in your customers hands? Order online and we will mail them for you.
  • Do you send out 5000 brochures over the course of a year but want to ship smaller batched of them to multiple locations? Done.
  • Have 200 employees ordering customized business cards throughout the year? We can print and store the shells at a drastic price reduction. You are billed as they ship!

The web portals are created specifically for your business. Orders can be placed 24 hours a day and we have graphic designers and prepress technicians available to help with any changes or edits needed. Once your order is placed and your artwork is approved you receive order confirmation and shipment tracking.

Now to make sure you don't eat that whole box of cookies, we haven't come up with a solution to that yet...

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